Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Upcoming Changes

Dear and loyal 3.14 Readers,

It's been a good run, hasn't it?

We've been on some lovely adventures -- graduation from undergrad and leaving my College; teaching in an inner city and living with some beautiful ladies; interning with the campus ministry, or "The Year of Adventures with Percy"; the acquisition of a Master's Degree; and now marriage and Being a Grown-Up.

Peter Pan was right -- to live is an awfully big adventure.  I still love that allusion, but the time has come to say good-bye to Peter Pan.  Over the next few days, be prepared for a new URL (I'm learning how to set up re-directs to make that seamless).  Then, over the next few weeks, be prepared for some new formatting and a new name.

On one level, I am going to miss the old title, allusion, and style, but the time has come.  The changes will help me be a bit more focused and intentional with this blog, which is never a bad thing.  In fact, it might be a part of that "Being a Grown-Up" thing.


Your Loyal Blogger


  1. As one of the 3.14 readers, I'm excited to see the changes! :)

  2. Is it a new name just for your blog or for you? Because I vote "Jane." For you. Or for the blog. Or both.

    1. Thanks, loyal readers :-) And, Amy, I am still waiting to hear from the Circuit Court about one name change, so I don't think another one is in order for me quite yet. Should have gotten in the vote a couple weeks earlier -- yes, I was late with the paperwork.